Top 5 Sex Toys For Women and Couples For Kinky 2021

Self-quarantine has come hand in hand with time for self-pleasure for many. Even though sanitizers and face masks are the goods whose sales went up massively in the market in recent months, they are not the only items in demand. The choice is ours, I’m just here to help you with the decision but I’m not the only one who is helping. If you are in a relationship check out Sex Toy Insights – Kinky Couple list. Sex toys have got their share of an increase in their rate of sales too. It seems as though time has become still and the year seems to be a never-ending one. But time always goes by fast when you are experiencing something good. Needless to mention sex toys could easily set time into motion again and how. Here is taking a look at some of the few things that could buy you some pleasure in these bad months of the pandemic. 

5 best sex toys for women 

Of course, there are different ways to pleasure oneself. Different approaches work for different people. But you must have a guideline to help you out in these matters. Knowing what is the best in the market would in a way help you go for a better option. Here is a list of the top 5 sex toys that are sure to show a woman a good time. 


Let’s start with a fun one, shall we?! Emojibator, as is evident enough, is a juvenile amalgamation of the words emoji and vibrator. Any guesses as to where it is going?! Yes, it is the eggplant emoji we are talking about. While sexting or even on so many other occasions we are more than just acquainted with the famous eggplant emoji and its purpose. This vibrator is in the shape of an eggplant. It is of course waterproof. It also has a function of controlling the intensity of the vibrations. There are ten intensities that you could choose from starting from gentle to rough. It takes a AAA battery to run and it’s included with the vibrator itself. 

LELO SONA 2 Cruise:

This is a good choice for women who enjoy a little bit of stimulation to their clitoris. This device is exceptionally built to do so. To a certain extent, it is a good choice for women who love foreplay too. It provides gentle shudders throughout the body, both inside and outside. It has a large mouth and a wide surface area. This guarantees a lot of area for play. The sonic rays are absorbed by the silicone and then transmitted back to the clit. This results in a deeper but gentle enough sensation. If you are not someone that much into rough sex, then this could be just the choice of a sex toy for you. For women who like foreplay this is a great choice as, as stated earlier, it has a lot of space for play. If you know the spots to hit, then without a doubt this is your concluding choice!

Pure Romance “Dream On” massager:

Are you constantly eaten up by the fear of someone finding out about you owning sex toys? Well, it is a pretty natural thing. But then again, it may be and is a bit embarrassing for some and quite understandably so. However, you cannot stop yourself from having a good time just because of that now can you? So, what if the vibrator did not essentially look like a vibrator?! That would do the trick right! Pure Romance “Dream On” massager has a very simple spherical shape. It would not attract attention even if it were to be lying right there on your bed. If asked, you could actually past it for a massager for sore joints. The best part is that you would not be lying either. You can use it for sensitive and sore areas, both and it will serve you equally good for both purposes. 

TENGA Flex White:

This may be a bit difficult to handle at first due to its size. But once you get used to it, you will see how very few other vibrators could pleasure you as this one could. It has a streamlined body that helps you to experience a new kind of wave of pleasure with each stroke. They run all along the body of the vibrator and covers the entire length of it. It however does not interfere with you getting a good grip on it. It has a pair of ripples around its body below the streamlines where you are supposed to hold the vibrator. This helps you get a better grip on the entire thing as your fingers are supposed to fit on the ripples quite perfectly. It is one of the best that the market has to offer for women out there and the reviews speak in the vibrator’s favour only. 

Hide and Play Lipstick Vibrator:

This is the best choice for couple’s play. If that is not your criteria, then too it is a great thing to keep at hand. This is a great way to give a boost to your adventurous side. You could always keep this in your bag, and have a little me time almost anywhere you feel like and that is appropriate. It looks just like a lipstick, from top to bottom, but not inside out of course. For the size that it comes in, it has a lot more to offer. It is waterproof. No matter how wet you already are, this little device has the potential to make u wetter. The next time you get out of the house, on a trip or a vacation, maybe this is one of the things you pack along with your make up and toiletries. 

Pleasuring oneself is considered such a taboo in our society, but it really must be the opposite. It is a need we all have. It’s a desire we all crave. The ones who display it are rather better off than the ones who feel it but are afraid to show it. Self-love, after all, is an important aspect of living, right?!

How Sex Toys Impact Relationship?

Over the past decade, the use of sex toys has increased rapidly. According to a recent study, the taboos encircling around the usage of sex devices and vibrators are fading. Couples are also realizing that the use of such intimate products benefits not just their bedrooms operations but also their relationship

Raising the level of physical pleasure certainly enhances sexual orientation and enjoyment. Now, whether toys end up improving a contact or lead to problems likely depends on the nature of communication and openness between partners.

Benefits of using intimate products in your relationship

Sex experts have busted sex toys myths and misconceptions, such as the use of sex device belief because your partner isn’t a good love maker. An expert says that adventurous couples can benefit to a great extent from experimenting with sex devices. Here’s how:

More pleasant sex: All these intimate products are here to improve couples sex life as it incorporates the mood and setting for sexual acts and sexual communication between couples regards to being excited and engaged. The majority of couples use these products to keep their sex life sexy and spicy.

Some more orgasms: A study published revealed that only about 19% of women said that sex alone was enough for orgasm while the rest indicated that they desired clitoral stimulation during sex or separately. Sex toys are more popular than ever. Almost 50% of people use one of the many sex devices to live up their sex life. Well, some use these toys to keeps things exciting and enhance pleasure and sexual exploration.

No rush no stress: First off some men may feel imperfect if their partner uses intimate products, while others may think that there is no stress or rush to help their partner reach climax, this takes away the pressure from his shoulder. This change will help build a better and more passionate relationship with your partner as in regards to using toys. In short, it takes away pressure for both partners.

More closeness: many women often feel unhappy with their husband’s lovemaking ability, and this makes impact their relationships. With mutual intimate products introduction in a relationship can help the anxiety of being naked. Thus, sex devices surely allow the husband to work on their intimacy level. Anyway, just the act of buying sex devices can spark conversation.

Closer communications: The introduction of sex toys in a relationship is a signal to open conversation. At least 49% of couples using these toys reported communicating better and often whether it’s about sex or any other subject. Thus, it is a gateway to other things and helps strengthen intimacy.

You could easily suggest in the conversation with you partner to visit certain websites that are dedicated for them – sex toys websites like this for women – and for men – Just as a suggestion, no big deal…

New positions: A lot of couples try to make sex more exciting by trying out different positions, and some couples may use toys to stick to keeping things exciting to new sex positions. It means new and better sex.

Sex Toys for amateur couples

This list will guide you through buying the desired sex devices for the first time –

  • Strap-on vibrator: Mind you, this can be for the more adventurous, but with various weights and sizes, it can improve your sexual experience.
  • Couple’s Vibrator: This is for both the individuals as it fits right under the lips; it stays in one place which allows for the couples to enjoy the sensation it gives out.
  • Cock ring: It is a silicone ring used to put over a penis during intercourse. It has several advantages, which include extra clitoral stimulation and more powerful orgasm for men. Plus, it comes right with batteries.

The fact is that engaging in the use of sex toys will benefit the couple and increase the intimacy behind the closed doors. For the couple to be on the same page, it is best if there is a sense of clarity in the relationship. The partners must understand the desires and needs of their better half. Understanding and mutual respect is the key for any relationship to flourish and grow together.

In recent years, the disgrace attached with using sex devices and other toys to enhance your sexual experience whether with your partner or alone has substantially been decreasing, but there people who are shy and uncomfortable about using intimate products and devices to increase their sensual experience.

The use of a vibrator in a straight relationship may impact the man’s ego, making him feel insecure and content with the fact he cannot satisfy his women.

There may be some relations issue between couples if one of the partners is not happy, and if it is related to the sexual experience, it is advisable to use sex devices to have more delight and feel content in the relationship.

Research has revealed that couples who do more sex with new and unique ways to improve their sexual experience, whether that involves intimate products or not have reported to be happier in the relationship and enjoy more pleasurable sex life.

The bonding a couple develops over by being open, and understanding of each other’s need is a good sign of healthy relations going forward.

All those couples who are currently using these products to spice things under the sheets need to understand about the consent of their partner and act accordingly.

The sex devices and vibrators available today are well-designed products, and there is no compromise in the materials use, top skin-safe materials are being used for the production of sex toys these days. To prevent any scarcity in the sensual experience, its best to buy the essential product.

Okay, so how to introduce sex toys in a relationship?

It all starts and ends with communication. To start a serious conversation about sex, here are some tips for beginning with:

  • Introduce sex toys only after having discussed it with your partner to make sure both are seeing eye-to-eye on this new inclusion in their relation. Don’t make a huge deal out of anything and look ahead to know yourself better
  • Talk about the visual and the imagination and how much you want to experience this together and to make most of it.

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